E226 | It's Not All About New Patients

On episode 226 of The PT Entrepreneur Podcast, I want PT entrepreneurs to understand that there are variations of revenue.  You don't need to feel like chasing down new patients is the only way to run your business and I get into what these other streams of revenue can look like for you.

Episode Transcription:

Hey, what's going on, guys? Doc Danny here with the PT Entrepreneur Podcast and I'm excited to have you back on the podcast with me again so I can help you out with something that I think is, one of them, the most significant pros when it comes to deciding that you don't want to be in-network with insurance companies necessarily, and that is a flexibility to do many other things outside of your organization in particular on the backend that you as you could do in their work practice.

But oftentimes. They're overlooked because all they focus on is patients, patients, patients, patients, and in particular new patients, discharge, new patients, discharge. And it is a...

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E225 | One Tweak To Improve Workshops

If you are not running workshops, I highly recommend you begin holding them as soon as possible.  Today I discuss the biggest mistakes I see people committing when holding their own workshops.

Episode Transcription:

Hey, what's going on, guys? Doc Danny here with the PT Entrepreneur Podcast, and today I'm getting into one of my favorite topics. And that's workshops. Now, for those of you that don't run workshops, you totally should. If you want to know kind of specifics about how we set those up, you can check out the book that I wrote, called F insurance and, you can hit the F insurance book.com, and I laid out in a chapter in that book pretty much exactly how we've set this up.

But, I see a big mistake, and I want to just kind of clarify to you why people do this, but also, how to, how to fix this to improve your conversions on workshops because they can mean a handy tool for new patients in your practice as well as developing a brand in your area.

People are becoming...

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E224 | 3 Big Takeaways From Our Staff Retreat

On today's episode I wanted to talk about why it is so important to me and our business to enjoy a staff retreat.  Why do we spend a lot of money and give up patient volume to get away for a couple of days?  We do this because not only can we focus on our business goals, but more importantly it helps us improve the culture of our business.

Episode Transcription:

Hey, what's going on, guys. Doc Danny here, with the PT Entrepreneur Podcast, and it's Tuesday. I appreciate you tuning in again, catching up on your business knowledge. I've got some cool stuff to share with you guys today. We just had our staff retreat last week, and I want to talk about the three big takeaways that I have from the time that I got to spend.

You know, with our staff outside of. The office in a cool location, doing some entertaining stuff and give you an idea why, you know, an event like this, which is, just, it's a financial, but also time costs for our whole company. Why it's so important and...

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E223 | Three Big Takeaways From The Blueprint Live Event

On episode 223 of The Pt Entrepreneur Podcast, I recap our Blueprint Live Event from this past week.  We hosted performance based cash practitioners ranging from $0 in monthly revenue to $8,000 in revenue.  I cover what we did in these two days to what I learned hosting this event.

Episode Transcription:

Hey, what's going on, guys? Doc Danny here with the PT Entrepreneur podcast, and I'm coming to you the weekend after two days. Live event, feel listened to Tuesday's podcast. It was a conversation that my business partners had with me in my truck on the way to our second day of that event.

We were talking about pricing. If you haven't listened to that, go check it out. Really interesting kind of way of looking at what you're charging yourself with that says about you and. What I want to get into on this one are the three things that I learned from the event in particular, just from seeing how the attendees, you know, viewed their businesses and had similar problems.


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E222 | Pricing and What It Says About Your Practice

On today's podcast, I am joined by Yves Gege and Jerred Moon.  We get into the topic of pricing and how charging more psychologically affects your potential patients.  When it comes to your body, people don't always want the cheapest option possible.  If you're trying to compete with the cheapest options available, you are competing with insurance companies.  When you are charging more, you should always strive to over-deliver every single time.

Episode Transcription:

What's up, guys, Doc Danny here, the PT Entrepreneur Podcasts, and we are in my truck on the way to a live event that we're teaching. To me, Jared Eve, it might be a little loud, but we felt like this was an important topic. We want to be able to knock a podcast out on the way to this event. Actually to breakfast is where we're headed.

We've got, we've got a handful of people in town for a live event that we're doing two days, primarily new. Business owners, in a cash practice, performance-based...

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E221 | How Many "Friends" Do You Have?

Do you want to have a bulletproof cash practice?  Then you must be willing to develop strong, local relationships with other business owners.  As you get busier as a cash practice owner, we tend to see a drop off with continuing to maintain these relationships and I think this is a mistake.

Episode Transcription:

Hey, what's going on, guys? Doc Danny here with the PT Entrepreneur Podcast and I hope that you are having a good Thursday and that this finds you in a place where you're ready to take action on some, some things because what am I talking about not automated. It's not digital. It's not. Scale. Yes. But it is very, and it's a part of a local service business, like a cash practice that you just can't get away from, in my opinion and have a Bulletproof business. And that is developing strong local relationships. And I was having a conversation with my business partner the other day about this to the point where he does a great job of this better than I do in...

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E220 | Jeff Vajay Talks Cash Practices And Software

On episode 220 of The PT Entrepreneur Podcast, it is my pleasure to be joined by the founder of Smart Athlete Physiotherapy, Jeff Vajay.  Since the beginning of his career, Jeff’s goal has been getting his patients back to doing what they love, whether it’s sports or simply walking their dog.  But despite his success, Jeff became frustrated with the limitations of traditional physical therapy clinics.  After helping start multiple successful traditional physical therapy clinics in the area he decided to open his vision of what physiotherapy should be. To further differentiate from the traditional model he helped develop PtEverywhere, a cross-platform practice management solution for cash-based providers that improves patient outcomes and connectivity to their provider.

Episode Transcription:

Danny: [00:00:00] What's going on, guys. Doc Danny here with the PT Entrepreneur Podcast. And I got my buddy Jeff Vajay on today from the Smart Athlete Physio. Some...

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E219 | Two Ways To Improve Efficiency Today

Today, I wanted to do an episode about two things I have noticed with PT Entrepreneurs around the country.  These two things are undervalued and can drive significant change within your business especially in the early stages of starting your practice.

Episode Transcription:

Hey, what's going on, guys? Doc Danny here with the PT Entrepreneur Podcast. I'm headed to the office this morning, so I'm doing a quick, a quick podcast for you guys in the truck on the way to my six o'clock patient that I've got this morning, which is cool that he's trying to run her first marathon, which is going to be the Honolulu marathon at the end of the year.

So it's fun. I get to work with her, building up to that. But, I want to talk to you guys today about two things that I've noticed with several calls. I've been doing with PT entrepreneurs around the country that I feel like are undervalued and drive significant change in, business in particular, in the early stages of your business.

And this...

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E218 | The State Of Insurance

Today's topic revolves around insurance and practices that would like to take less of it.  What I am starting to see now is more practices wanting to take less insurance and be able to offer more cash based services.

Episode Transcription:

Hey, what's going on, guys? Doc Danny here with the PT Entrepreneur Podcast, and I'm coming to you from my car. It's not a car; it's a truck. And I'm on my way to, on my way to the office. It's about five 20 in the morning. And I got a new one. I have a new truck, so it's not going to be as loud as my, my other one that says this one doesn't have mud tires on it.

So, it should be a little more, a little quieter. But I'm taking advantage of the drive to work today to talk to you guys about something that I was thinking about yesterday after I had a few conversations with PTs. That we're looking for some support in, in their business. And it was, it's interesting, I've been having, more and more conversations with practices that take...

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E217 | Do You Want To Go Fast Or Slow?

If you're stubborn like me and think you can figure everything out on your own, then today's episode is for you.  Owning your own business can be extremely stressful and sometimes you will question why you're even doing it.

Episode Transcription:

Hey, what's going on, guys? Doc Danny here with the PT Entrepreneur Podcast, and it's Thursday morning. Maybe it's Thursday morning for me. Or I'm sorry, Thursday morning, when this is coming out, it's Wednesday morning for me. It means I got a chance to walk my kiddos to school today. Make breakfast with them, get up early, and workout.

So it's, it's, it's a, it's the start of a great day. It got some cool stuff coming up today, with some business coaching work that I have going on. And, and I had some time to record a podcast, and I was sitting here, actually after having done a call, for somebody who's in our mastermind.

And, it got me thinking about some of the things that I'd gone through and that I talked to him about. In...

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