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PT Biz is an organization run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs — the industry leader in entrepreneurial coaching for clinicians. We've worked with more than 1,000 successful business owners from around the globe to help them achieve more profit, a better quality of life, and a faster scale to their business. 


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PT Biz offers business coaching programs designed to accelerate progress and increase your business and personal life results. Our community of successful entrepreneurs, highly experienced coaches, proprietary tools, and individualized touches are the cornerstones of our programs' success.

PTBiz is online training and education for physical therapists to start their on businesses

Part-Time to Full-Time Challenge

Just Give Us 5 Short Days, And We Will Build Your "Step-By-Step" GUIDE to Replacing Your Full-Time Job In Just ONE Year or Less! 

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The clinical rainmaker is our 12-week online course for cash based physical therapists

Clinical Rainmaker

The Clinical Rainmaker Coaching Program is 12-weeks of Online Coaching to help you deploy our Clinical Rainmaker Sales & Marketing System

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Learn from our coaches and other physical therapists from around the globe with our Mastermind program

P.T. Entrepreneur Mastermind

How to Grow to a Highly Profitable 500K+ Revenue Cash-Based Practice and Set a New Standard of Excellence in Your Market

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Our programs offer both in-person and digital resources and coaching to provide you with a rare opportunity to work with the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. Each option gives you a chance to work with our team and implement our tools and resources. As a result, you'll be more focused, have an action plan ready for implementation, and have new tools and capabilities that make for a smooth entrepreneurial journey. 

Results-Driven Business Coaching & Education

We track every dollar of revenue our clients make to ensure they get results. 

100's of Clinics...

Have EASILY Broken $100k!

67+ Clinics...

Have Broken $250k!

17+ Clinics...

Have Broken $500k!

5 Clinics...

Have Broken $1 MILLION!

Success Stories

Ask our members about their experience at PT Biz, and every story would be different — but with a common thread running through them: Results. Growth. Freedom. And, very often, life-changing results.

Courtney Morse- Owner of Natural Wellness Physiotherapy in Wichita Kansas

Meet Courtney--- true story, Courtney started his cash-based practice in a hair salon! That’s how frustrated he was with the corporate practice job he had. He would have started his own thing basically anywhere to not work there anymore. 

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Missy Albrecht- Owner of Invincible in Denver Colorado

Meet Missy--- she used to work in a high volume insurance based PT practice. She’s a specialist with visceral manipulation and movement impairments. This is a tough niche to have and work with 20+ people a day. 

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Chris Robl, Owner of Physio Room

Meet Chris--- he used to work in high volume, insurance based clinics. A couple years ago, he decided that he was over it and opened his own hybrid practice in the Denver, CO area. 

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Colleen Davis, Owner of GOAT Physical Therapy and Wellness

Meet Colleen--- she used to work in a high volume insurance based PT practice. She’s a specialist with a movement and in particular in the active aging population (50+ years old).

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