Colleen Davis, Owner of GOAT Physical Therapy and Wellness

Meet Colleen--- she used to work in a high volume insurance based PT practice. She’s a specialist with a movement and in particular in the active aging population (50+ years old).

 Colleen and I spoke about starting a practice when she was just formulating the idea. Her husband is active duty in the Navy and is about to retire. They know they won’t be moving so it was a perfect time for her to work on her dream career.

She decided to dive in head first to our PT Entrepreneur Mastermind from day 1. She knew she had great clinical and coaching skills but needed to learn how to actually build a solid business.

Let’s break down what happened:

Who? Colleen Davis

Problem: Great clinical skills, no business skills. Needed help starting and building a scalable business.

Solution: PT Entrepreneur Mastermind (my 12 month coaching program for cash-based practice owners looking to dramatically grow their business)

Did it work? Yep, Colleen was able to more than replace her salary at a traditional in network practice. She was also able to help out the aging population she loves working with in a really cool way. She started and grew a specific exercise class for this group and has it as a recurring revenue membership component of her business.


The most impressive part is she was able to do this in a town of just 20,000 residents!

Big town, small town….it doesn’t matter if you set up a business that truly helps people.

Here’s what I can tell you about Colleen:

She’s hungry, driven, up for the work and she listens.

One of the first things we had her do was implement a structured marketing plan to gain traction in her local community. For a newer business, this is huge. If people don’t know you, how can you expect customers to just find you?

Too often entrepreneurs try to change everything at once and that’s a great way to get nothing accomplished. With Colleen, it was narrowing down exactly what she needed to do and help support the change.

Can it really be that simple?

Yes it can if you’re getting help from people that do this for a living. Stop listening to your friend that doesn’t know shit about business and start getting some actual guidance from people that have built multiple 7 figure businesses.

You’ve got to be hungry, driven, ready to listen and ready to implement the things that will change your career and business forever.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to get to work!

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