Meet Reid!

Reid Briglia, Owner of Spine Strong Physical Therapy and Scoliosis Rehabilitation

Meet Reid--- he used to work in a high volume insurance based PT practice. He’s a movement based clinician that focuses primarily on spine issues like kyphosis and scoliosis in Portland, ME. 

Reid spoke with our team a few months ago and was struggling to gain traction in his practice.

We talk a lot about the importance of having a niche and Reid had that. The problem was, he lacked the marketing and sales consistency to get people in the door and commit to solving a problem.  

We see this all the time. A superior clinician that is having a hard time finding people to work with. Without the new patients and ability to get them to commit to a plan of care, you’re going to have a very difficult time building a practice.

He decided to dive head first into the Clinical Rainmaker Coaching Program. We started with improving some of his marketing efforts and helping him develop a repeatable sales process.

Within 2 months, he tripled his best revenue month prior to joining the Clinical Rainmaker Coaching Program.

Let’s break down what happened:

Who? Reid Briglia

Problem: Great clinical skills, minimal business skills. Difficulty gaining traction with marketing.

Solution: Clinical Rainmaker Coaching Program (3 month coaching program for newer practices).

Did it work? Yep, Reid has been able to build the foundation for a successful cash-based practice. This means he knows he will never have to work for someone else the rest of his life. Think about that for a moment. Imagine if you knew you could always provide for yourself and your family. It’s an amazing feeling and I hope you feel the same thing one day. 


 Here’s what I can tell you about Reid.

He’s hungry, driven, up for the work and he listens.

Getting out in the community and meeting people can be tough. It’s uncomfortable, sometimes you get turned down and it can hard on your confidence. Having patients drop off and not finish their plan of care is also incredibly frustrating.

Too often entrepreneurs try to change everything at once and that’s a great way to get nothing accomplished. You have to get clear on exactly what you need to improve like Reid.

Can it really be that simple?

Yes it can if you’re getting help from people that do this for a living. Stop listening to your friend that doesn’t know shit about business and start getting some actual guidance from people that have built multiple 7 figure businesses.

You’ve got to be hungry, driven, ready to listen and ready to implement the things that will change your career and business forever.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to get to work!

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