Danny Laughlin, Owner of Laughlin Performance & Physical Therapy

Meet Danny--- not only does he have a super cool name but he’s one of our favorite clients. He owns Laughlin Physical Therapy and when we first started working with him, it was primarily an in network practice.

Like many in network practice owners, he had seen decreasing reimbursements for years. He wanted to see if dropping the worst contracts and adding cash services would help his business.

When I spoke to him, I saw a lot of opportunities with adding on cash services.

He agreed and we got to work!

Let’s break down what happened:

Who? Danny Laughlin

Problem: Dropping poor insurance contracts and adding cash services.

Solution: The PT Entrepreneur Mastermind (my 12 month coaching program for cash-based practice owners looking to grow past themselves).

Did it work? Yep! Check out the screenshot below. Danny has been able to move to a 60/40 cash to insurance clinic. He’s added 200K of additional revenue in 17 months and did over 120K in revenue in December 2020.


Here’s what I can tell you about Danny:

He’s a great leader. He leads from the front and his employees know he’s doing the right thing for them. This transition to cash services in an in network practice can be really scary.

Your front desk and staff clinicians have to learn a new way of engaging with people. They have to learn about sales and communication. They have to evolve with you and Danny did an amazing job of leading that charge.

Now his company is growing like a weed.

He also has way less stress when it comes to insurance companies decreasing his reimbursements.

That’s the beauty of these practices.

This leads to being more present at home and enjoying owning the practice a whole hell of a lot more.

Are you ready to collapse time like Danny and see a massive change in your business in a short period of time?

It could be starting from scratch or transitioning an in network practice like Danny.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to get to work!

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