E528 | Jarod Carter Re-Cast Interview

Aug 16, 2022

This week, we bring you another re-casted interview from 2017 with Jarod Carter! If you are a P.T. and don't know Jarod, then go check out his podcast Cash Based Physical Therapy. It is one of the most incredible resources for P.T.'s on the planet and definitely helped me when I started.


Beyond hosting a podcast and running a website dedicated to Cash-Based Physical Therapy Jarod also owns his own practice in Austin, TX, and also is an author of an e-book.


  • How laws governing physical therapy change from state to state and make getting new patients really hard for the cash-based physical therapy model.
  • How to scale up a practice
  • Some ideas for P.T.'s to monetize their skill set in non-traditional ways


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