We Provide the Cheat Codes to Unlock Exponential Growth in Your Business




We believe the Performance PT has a unique skill set to help people live active, pain-free and more satisfying lives….but only if they can get in front of and work with the right people consistently and predictably. 

The vast majority of Performance PTs grossly undercharge based on their value and lack effective systems to get new clients in the door month after month.

That means that most of them generate significantly less revenue than they should and miss the opportunity to help a lot more people that need them. 

Most Performance PTs have spent years growing their clinical knowledge base and skill set. In the process, they have spent little to no time building their business skillset. 

If you are trying to grow your own business, your clinical skill set will not be what holds you back. You have to spend time improving your business skill set to match your amazing clinical skill set. 

Do you want to take the long road? Then...read books, make mistakes, use trial and error, struggle to make things work and hope you’re doing the right thing, and spend hundreds of hours researching to learn the things that work. 

Do you want the cheat codes to success in business?

We provide coaching specifically for Cash-Based Performance PTs and we help you master these 4 key business areas; Sales, Marketing, Processes, People. This allows you to make more money, enjoy more free time and better serve your amazing clients.



Danny the co-owner of Athletes’ Potential. He’s lead this company from just him to a team of 6 in under 4 years. He’s also turned Athletes’ Potential into a 600K+ profitable business in which he only sees 8-10 hours of patient visits per week. Danny has a special knack for sales and teaching other cash PTs on how to ethically influence clients to make a better health decision. Danny owns multiple companies grossing over 7 figures per year and has personally helped over 200 cash PTs start practices all over the world.  

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Yves is a former in-network PT clinic owner turned cash PT entrepreneur. He owns Made 2 Move Physical Therapy in Charleston, South Carolina. Over the past few years, he’s been able to grow his cash-based practice to multiple locations and multiple providers. He’s the best when it comes to all things local marketing, relationship development, and team building. He brings his experience of over 10 years on the business side of PT to this Mastermind with a knack for teaching complex topic in a simple, actionable way.

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Jerred is the owner of End of Three Fitness. This is a 7-figure digital fitness business that was 100% bootstrapped and now has 6 employees in 3 different countries. He is a prior Air Force pilot turned entrepreneur who has built a massive business from scratch. He’s worked as a business consultant for multi-million dollar businesses as well as building his own company. He will be your go-to coach for all things marketing, automation and helping get more of the right people through your doors. 

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