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"Be careful with the book you're holding in your hands. It contains a dangerous idea."

Kelly Starrett
Creator, Mobility WOD

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"F Insurance is such an amazing book! The night I got it, I planned to just read the foreword and found myself 100 pages deep. Danny dives into why insurance based PT often does not result in the highest level of care and the fact that practitioners have the choice to work outside of that paradigm. This book is also super helpful for anyone who is thinking of opening a cash based practice and has questions regarding how to market & advertise."

Performance PT's MUST Read This Book!

"This book is a must read for any PT who wants to escape the confines of the PT mill clinic ans create a job and a life for themselves that they love. He walks you step by step through the process of getting started with your own cash pay business and how to continue to grow. With Danny's guidance, I went from being depressed and hating my job 1 year ago to now having a thriving and growing cash based practice, working with people I love every single day and I'm happier than ever. If you want to change your life, this book is for you!"

A compete game changer!
Matthew Adam Longfellow

"I got the paperback version directly from Danny. It’s a great read for any PT looking to start or who already owns their own practice. The ideas he talks about goes deep into marketing and sales. I learned a lot from spending a few days with this book and plan to use it all of it for my business!"

Great game plan for PT’s!

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